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Add a Listing for Comparable Purposes

Agents can now add FSBOs and non-member listings

by Bradley Jones

Comparable Listings, also known as Comp listings, can be added into the Golden Isles MLS for unlisted transactions such as For Sale By Owner sales or if the listing broker was not a member of GIMLS. If you were involved in a transaction that wasn't marketed in the GIMLS Matrix system, the agent representing the buyer may enter the listing in as a comparable listing.

Upon entering the listing, the listing agent and listing office credit will be attributed to the designated Non-Member office (Office ID 155) by default. The selling agent and selling office credit will automatically be attributed to the agent ID and office ID of the submitting agent. The submitting agent can still get credit for both sides of the transaction, but the listing agent ID and listing office ID will need to be updated manually to the submitting agent's agent ID and office ID.

Comparable Listing Sales (including, but not limited to, non-member brokerage listings, unlisted properties, and FSBOs) can only be entered after the property has closed and must be entered within 365 days of the settlement date.

How Do I Add a Comp Listing?

  1. 1. Log in to GIMLS Matrix System
  2. 2. Click the Input tab
  3. 3. Click the "Add New" link under the Listings section
  4. 4. IMPORTANT: Click one of the three "SOLD COMP ONLY" listing input forms
  5. 5. Before you can begin entering information about the comparable listing, you must select one of the below options:
  6.           a. Fill from Cross Property (brings over listing data from a property that was previously listed by the submitting agent)
  7.           b. Start with a blank Listing
  8.           c. Fill from Realist Tax (matches the comp listing data fields with corresponding tax fields)
  9. 6. Once you are at the listing input screen, complete the comparable listing input form
  10. 7. IMPORTANT: The Listing Agent ID will default to NonMLSforSolds, and the Selling Agent ID will default to the agent ID of the submitting agent
  11. 8. Enter all relevant closing details on the Closing Information tab
  12. 9. Click Submit Listing

If errors are discovered after the comp listing was submitted, the selling agent will have the ability to make changes to the comp listing for up to 30 days after a successful submission. If you have questions about adding a Comp Listing, please contact GIMLS staff.


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