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PSA: SentriSmart Mobile App Registration Limit

Be careful not to use too many mobile devices or lose access altogether

by Bradley Jones

When you log in to the SentriSmart Mobile app for the first time using your phone or tablet, your available registrations drop from eight to seven. This means that the device you just registered needs to be the only device you use when accessing the GIMLS SentriLock Bluetooth Lockbox system.

Only Use One Mobile Device

If you access the SentriSmart mobile app on two mobile devices simultaneously, for instance, an iPhone and an iPad, each subsequent sign-on to either device will reduce the number of registrations by one each time you sign on to that device. NOTE: Uninstalling and re-installing your app on the same device will not reduce the number of registrations; however, if you hard reset your phone (which will delete all data from your phone), re-installing the app may reduce the number of registrations. Please contact the GIMLS office before performing a hard reset on your mobile device.

Eight Registrations is your Limit until 2024

In order to limit the access of unauthorized users to access the GIMLS lockbox system, you will have to pay $50 for each additional registration once you have reached your eighth registration. This registration limit averages to about one device a year (until 2024), plus an additional registration in case you need an additional phone replacement in the same year.

Unauthorized Access Comes with Hefty Fines

If you are loaning your app login credentials and PIN number to unauthorized users, you can be fined anywhere from $250 to $1000 plus suspension. There is no reason anyone other than you should have access to your login and PIN number. If you have a staff person or personal assistant that needs access to the SentriLock Bluetooth Lockbox system, they can get their own SentriCard and mobile app login (for a monthly fee). To learn more about what the rules are and what fines are associated with violations, check out our GIMLS Compliance System.

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