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New Member Orientation

Do I need to attend?

As a Primary member of GIAR, you are required to attend New Member Orientation within six (6) months of joining the Association. If you are Secondary member or are transferring from a different Association, having already completed orientation, and can provide proof of completion, you are exempt from attending Orientation. Of course, we strongly encourage all of our incoming members to participate. MLS Only applicants are not required to take New Member Orientation.

When is the next Orientation?

Orientation is held each quarter. There is no fee to attend Orientation, but you must register online in a timely manner.

Can I take Orientation online?

New Member Orientation for the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® is only offered in a live classroom setting at our state-of-the-art Training Center.


Code of Ethics Training

What is the REALTOR® Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics represents a special document that spells out the professional responsibilities a REALTOR® owes his or her client and outlines the expectations a client should have when entering into business with a REALTOR®. Go here to view a copy of the NAR® Code of Ethics in its entirety.

Do I have to attend the Code of Ethics Training?

Every licensed agent in America that calls his or herself a REALTOR® has completed training for and abides by the guidelines described in the NAR® Code of Ethics. Every approved applicant joins our Association as a provisional member until all the requirements of his or her membership are fulfilled, and the Code of Ethics training is a vital component to completing your REALTOR® education and orientation. 

On January of 2017, NAR mandated that all REALTORS® take Code of Ethics every two years, not every four years.

WHEN IS THE NEXT Code of Ethics offered in-class?

Code of Ethics is held each quarter following each New Member Orientation. Visit our Education Calendar for instructor and pricing details, and remember to register online in a timely manner.

Can I take Code of Ethics Online?

There are several online options to complete your Code of Ethics training. Visit our Online Education Resource for competitively-priced offerings from our partner schools, OnCourse Learning's Career Webschool and You can also take Code of Ethics training for free through NAR (you will not receive CE credit for the free option but you will satisfy the membership requirement).

If you take Code of Ethics online through one of our online partner portals, you must email us with proof of completion in order to completely satisfy the membership requirement.


REALTOR® Dues Information

Do I have to pay dues?

Each REALTOR® Applicant, as a requirement of membership, must pay annual dues to the local board or Association he/she plans to join.

What does it mean to be a Primary member?

Since you do not belong to another board or Association and have not paid REALTOR® dues in the past year, you are required to pay local, state, and national dues to the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS®.

What does it mean to be a Secondary In-State Member?

Since you pay local, state, and national dues to another board or Association, and that board exists in Georgia, you are only expected to meet the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® local dues requirement.


As a Primary member of another board or Association that exists outside of Georgia, you must pay local dues, in addition to state dues, as a requirement of membership to the Georgia REALTORS® state association and the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS® local association.

Learn more about Board of Choice 

Go Local Directory

The Go Local Directory gives you access to one of the largest Affiliate networks in the state. Whatever your real estate-related need may be, this portal connects you with industry leaders from around the Golden Isles.