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by Bradley Jones

Listing a Property for Sale in MLS? Only Once.

Reminder to Golden Isles Brokers and Agents: GIMLS rules prohibit listing the same property for sale more than once in Matrix. If you have a house listed for sale under the Residential section of the MLS, you cannot list the same property under Land or under Commercial Sale. The only instance in which you are able to have the same property listed twice in

by Bradley Jones

Take Action Against Craigslist Listing Scams

Craigslist scams are becoming more and more out of control, and they can affect REALTORS® and members of the public alike. Criminals are scraping the information from the public MLS website or from syndication sites, and then they post the properties on Craigslist as if they are legitimate. In some cases, they will target potential renters by

by Bradley Jones

How to Change Your Agent Info & Photo

Depending on what it is you're looking to change, you may be using Matrix or the membership management system run by Navica. Changing your marketing headshot and Matrix password If you want to change your profile photo/marketing headshot or your Matrix password, log into Matrix and click Input. Type your Agent ID (Matrix username) into the Quick Modify

Go Local Directory

The Go Local Directory gives you access to one of the largest Affiliate networks in the state. Whatever your real estate-related need may be, this portal connects you with industry leaders from around the Golden Isles.

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