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Do You Qualify for Circle of Excellence?

Here's how you can use Matrix MLS to find out.

by Bradley Jones

All Circle of Excellence applications must be completed and submitted to GIAR no later than 5:00pm on Friday, January 25th, 2019. Before continuing on with this step-by-step guide to pull a comps report from MLS in order to complete the application, visit our Circle of Excellence page to read the new rules on how to qualify. Note: you will also need access to a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, etc.

Begin by searching for your comps

It is always a good practice when searching in MLS to follow the "less is more" (LIM) rule. This means that the less search criteria you enter, the wider the net that you cast when tracking down relevant listing data. An example of this would be to use the Cross Property search instead of running individual searches for Residential, Land, and Commercial listings only to combine the results later.

1) Open a Cross Property search:

2) Following our LIM rule, we only need to use two search criteria to proceed. First, check the Sold checkbox and enter your date range for all of 2018 using the following format: 01/01/2018-12/31/2018. Also, be sure to uncheck any other status checkboxes since we are only interested in pulling listings that were sold during 2018.

3) Enter your MLS ID (Matrix username) into the List or Sell Agent field. This search field will automatically include any listings where you were the co-listing or co-selling agent as well. Confirm that the number of matches has updated to include only your transactions for 2018, then hit Results.

Create a Display for the search export

Before we export this results list to a spreadsheet, it is imperative that you include the relevant columns of data into your results display. Matrix will only export the columns of data that are in your selected display, for instance, "Agent Single Line," and chances are that your default display may not include List or Sell Agent and Office information, among other important fields required in your Circle of Excellence application.

1) Start by hovering your cursor in any gray space in the column headers. You will know you are in the gray space when your mouse cursor becomes a four-headed arrow .

2) Click when you get the four-headed arrow, and you will see a pop-up that gives you the ability to insert or remove columns.

3) Click insert, and a large list of every possible data field in Matrix will populate below. Don't bother scrolling through this list to find the columns you need because below the list is a convenient search bar that you can use to easily sift through all the unnecessary fields.

Below are the recommended columns that you should have in your Circle of Excellence results display. Feel free to insert and remove columns as necessary:

  • MLS Number
  • Address
  • List Agent Full Name
  • Co-List Agent Full Name
  • List Office Name
  • Selling Agent Full Name
  • Co-Sell Agent Full Name
  • Selling Office Name
  • Sold Date
  • Sold Price (important: the "Price" field may already be in the default sold display, so you may not need to enter the duplicate field)

4) Once you have your preferred columns in place, you will still need to save this display so that you can export this list into Excel. Click the Manage Display icon:

5) Edit the Custom Display Name to "Circle of Excellence" or something that is easy to remember, and click "Save As a Copy." This new display type will now be available in the Display drop down under "my:Circle of Excellence."

6) Once your display is saved, check all of the listings for the export, and click Export at the bottom of the search results.

7) You will be brought to another screen where you select the Export format. If your new Circle of Excellence display is not selected, be sure to select it before clicking the Export button. Upon clicking Export, a .CSV-formatted spreadsheet will download. This file format will require the use of a spreadsheet software as mentioned above.

If you need assistance with Excel or a similar spreadsheet software, contact the Tech Helpline, a GIAR member benefit. If you have questions about Circle of Excellence rules or if you need assistance filling out your application, contact Zaida Harris or a member of the Circle of Excellence committee.

Good luck to all future applicants!

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