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Are You Prepared for the Lockbox Audit?

Here are some step-by-step instructions on running a pre-audit inventory check

by Bradley Jones

In order to make sure you are prepared for the mandatory SentriLock Lockbox inventory audit on December 13th, we strongly recommend each office perform a pre-audit inventory check prior to arriving at the Association office for your official audit. Here are some very easy-to-follow steps to guide you:

Please note that these instructions are for brokers and office staff security levels only.


1. run a lockbox inventory report in sentrilock.

The first thing you'll want to do is a pull a list of the lockboxes that you have leased from GIMLS. Login to SentriLock's Agent Portal, select your broker or office staff permission, and click the Reports tab from the top row of menu items.

In the list of reports, locate the Lockboxes report and click Download as CSV. This file type (.csv) will automatically open in Microsoft Excel. If you have issues opening the file in Excel, save the file to your computer, open Excel, then open the .csv file from within Excel.


2. sort the report by listing status.

Once you've successfully downloaded and opened the Lockbox report for office, the next thing you'll want to do is sort the list of lockboxes so that you will clearly see which lockboxes you'll be expected to physically bring to the Association office and which ones you will need to print out MLS sheets for.

In Excel, click the Data tab, then the Sort button. A small window will pop up where you will select the columns used to sort the data. Most brokerages will only need to select the "Listing Status" column. If you manually enter listings into SentriLock in order to assign lockboxes, then you may need to first sort by "Location" then by "Listing Status."

After you click OK, your list of lockboxes will be conveniently sorted with lockboxes on Active, Active Contingent, and Pending listings first, and then lockboxes on Expired, Sold, Withdrawn listings to follow. The last lockboxes in the list will be "Unassigned" lockboxes.


3. Know which lockboxes to bring to the audit.

All lockboxes that are unassigned or are assigned to Expired, Sold, or Withdrawn listings must be physically brought into the audit. If your SentriLock Bluetooth Lockbox is on an Active, Active Contingent, or Pending listing, you will not be required to bring the lockbox into the Association office during the audit, but you will need to bring with you a printed MLS sheet for each listing. Make sure that the printout includes the lockbox serial number associated with the listing.

We are making every effort to provide a smooth and efficient process for this audit, and we appreciate your patience and help. For questions, contact the GIMLS office. To schedule your audit, please click the link below.