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REALTORŪ Brokers: Complete This Form by Oct 26th

All REALTORŪ Brokers must submit this form prior to Annual Dues billing

by Adriene Lavarias

As the designated Broker for your company, you will need to complete a certification form to verify current individual licensees in your office. This information is necessary to prepare for 2019 Annual Dues billing and complies with Article 6, Section 12 of the GIAR Bylaws.


Section 12. Certification by "Designated" REALTOR® Members of the Association shall certify to the Association during the month of October on a form provided by the Association, a complete listing of all individuals licensed or certified in the REALTOR®'s office(s) and shall designate a primary Association for each individual who holds membership. Designated REALTOR® shall also identify any non-member licensees in the REALTOR® office(s) and if Designated REALTOR® dues have been paid to another Association based on said non-member licensees, the Designated REALTOR® shall identify the Association to which dues have been remitted. These declarations shall be used for purposes of calculating dues under Article X, Section 2(a) of the Bylaws. "Designated" REALTOR® Members shall also notify the Association of any additional individual(s) licensed or certified with the firm(s) within 30 days of the date of affiliation or severance of the individual.

Please complete the form and return by 5:00pm on October 26th, 2018. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Adriene at 912.264.2915 or email


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